Survival in Lockdown Daily Routine 2021/01/24

Here is my daily routine during lockdown, I call it Survival in Lockdown. After reading several ‘Lockdown Survival Guides’ on the internet I was intrigued by some of the other suggestions that have been put out there. Here are a few of my own ideas that I have been enjoying over the past year to achieve, as well as maintain my own survival in lockdown. Everything mentioned here is just from my own experience and should not be taken as strict advice. Do your own research and find your own way.

Daily Routine

Hot Turmeric drink

This warm breakfast beverage certainly awakens the body and mind like no other. With cinnamon stick, turmeric powder, cayenne pepper and freshly ground black pepper all lightly boiled together for a short while. The heat is then turned down and fresh ginger added, I mash it well in the pestle and mortar. After the ginger has infused the mixture is strained and local raw honey added. Poured into the glass the final two steps are a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (‘with the mother’) and freshly squeezed lemon juice. An interesting blend but I look forward to this tonic everyday.

Cold Water

After all the ‘fun’ had in the kitchen with the downing of that warm vinegar concoction another daily treat is a barefoot garden soaking. So with a body pleasantly full of turmeric I set off along the walk towards the bucket of water. I like to leave the water out overnight to get extra ‘spicy’ for the following morning. This also adds a sense continuity as each morning you are reminded of what came yesterday and can look forward to today with that as context. For added bite light your favourite incense to really get in the mood. Standing barefoot on the grass is a great feeling and I feel so privileged to be able to do this everyday. Starting with the limbs get the cold water on you and with proper breaths throughout splash some on the back of the neck, as this is a vital area to get the water over. To finish off the glorious business the rest of the water is slowly poured over chest, head and back whilst exhaling totally. Deep breathes in and out follow on from this to help oxygenate the body. Give the neighbours something to think about whilst your at it on the middle of the lawn, they might just start doing the same thing! (None have so far...) After doing this for days on end the cold water does not bother the body. I feel it is so beneficial as it motivates you everyday to control and conquer. There are of course many well documented benefits to doing cold water treatment but do your own research before embarking along this route. The daily ritual of cold water can also take on another meaning and purpose altogether, if you want it to. Sometimes we all have nightmares, rolling over in bed unable to sleep with things on the mind or perhaps laying motionless remembering something from ago. Sometimes these vivid episodes can be about the most important people in our lives. Floating like spectres both in and out of you seeing everything bare and naked, perhaps especially true in times such as these.

But they can also be about a vision of the future and haunting in a very different way. That future, that dream, that image, <em>those</em> possibilities. So after getting through the plagued night, however long and broken and pestilent. Being fortunate enough to have a warm rosey sky as the greeting image cascading through the retinas, awake now and there is work to be done. So I say steal oneself, the person that faced the nightmares by letting them pass right through and out. Honour this future, past and the now as they are indeed the same. Take that long lonely walk towards the bucket, break through the ice that has crystallised upon the surface and splash the limbs with what lay beneath that frozen cap. Find it filled with a brilliance. Feel the bracing reminder that you are indeed alive and well. Lift with a purpose, pour and feel refreshed. Before the moment it can be daunting but once one <em>is</em> committed and courageous there are no acceptable half measures. Tip and pour out the whole. With the water covering your vessel you can be relieved to discover each day that hurling oneself off a cliff you always land on a bed of feathers. The softest and warmest kind of feathers, like the ones from a Goose.


Soaked overnight and slow cooked in the morning, every morning. Hard to beat in terms of nutrition and satisfies the appetite for a considerable time. Prevents aimless bovine snacking.

Fermented Milk

After the turmeric has stained the innards with its yellowy goodness and the garden dunking is over and my beloved oats eaten not much else phases the senses. So why not take advantage of this state of being by drinking a glass of incredibly sour fermented culture? The penultimate point on my list is kefir. It seems to make a lot of sense to nourish the gut as most of the bodies serotonin is made there.

Hot Water

No need to venture out into the cold damp of the garden of an evening for this one, you can enjoy this in the shower. Warm water helps calm and relax and makes for the perfect end of the day. Hope you find some inspiration from these ideas and get working towards your own survival in lockdown.

- Sunny

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